Top 5 Things to do in Knaresborough

Knaresborough is very much one of Yorkshires hidden gem towns! 

Here are 5 things I did when visiting Knaresborough for the day and would highly reccomend you checking out. 

1. Check out all of the quirky art

On every street in the town there Is some quirky art to see.

2. Ice Cream By The River

Take a seat by the river Nidd and enjoy the views of willow trees flowing over the river, and first time rowers getting to grips on how to row! People watching is very interesting at times.

3. Chapel of Our Lady of The Crag

Built into the sandtone cliffs, this Chapel has been a place of worship since the 15th Century. The Chapel is now looked after by the Chapel of Our Lady of the Crag Trust and us free to enter. One of the volunteers of the trust even offered us a courgette, never been offered one before! 

There are several caves you can visit in Knaresborough such as St Roberts and the House in the cave all for free.

You can also vist Mother Shiptons cave for a fee, the cave is said to be the UKs first paid attraction. In this cave, you will come across the petrifying waterfall which turns items into stone.

4. Knaresborough Castle

You can access the castle grounds and views of the old tower and where the moat used to lye. The remains of the Kings tower along with secret underground passages are accessible at just £3.50, this also provides access to the castle museum. 

The grounds also host bowling and putting greens if you like playing with balls! 

5. Row a Boat Over the River Nidd

Traditional rowing boats are a popular sight on the River Nidd, you just have to give it a go. I will pre warn you though, it's a killer arm workout!

If you can work out how to direct and row, you can make your way under the viaduct and through willow trees. The River is exceptionally peaceful. 

Last few tips; 

Park at York Place car park, only £1.60 for 24 hours! Postcode HG5 0AD less than a 5 minute walk to all the attractions.

Stay Wild! 

The Serial Adventurer x