Top 7 Things To Do In York

York, my favourite UK city I have ever visited. Very quirky, pretty and packed full of things to do.

Here are 7 things to do when in York;

1. The Shambles and Market 

One of my favourite parts of York! Visiting The Shambles is like taking a step back in time, such quirky buildings with even quirkier shops, even some with names i shall not mention. The Shambles need to be at the top of your list when visiting York. 

Harry Potter Fans, I hope you got that One! 

Nestled into the Shambles you will find the Market, there are some really interesting independent stall holders worth visiting, especially the Baklava one! 

2. York Minster 

A city with no cathedral? Who cares? York Minster is such a grand building with so much detail within its architecture. You can either take in the view from the outside or get tickets to explore inside. 

3. Shopping 

From the quirky retailers in the Shambles to high Street shops at Coppergate Shopping centre, there are lots of shops to suit all! 

My personal favourite shops were in the Shambles and those on Stonegate and Blake Street. 

4. Grab Some Street Food

With street food stalls on even corner you are guaranteed to be tempted into something. We grabbed loaded fries from The Taylor Made kitchen in the Shambles Market. £6 and that (in the photo) is only a small! Huge portions, so much value for your money.

5. Tower Gardens and a stroll by the River Ouse  

Advisable late afternoon or early evening! Such a calm relaxing way to end a day in one of the UKs prettiest cities! Enjoy views of boats, the surrounding architecture and Riverside bars you may find yourself in later on in the evening. 

6. Clifford's Tower 

Unfortunately for us, when visiting York, Clifford's Tower was having some restoration work being done meaning the Tower was covered in scaffolding! (So here's a photo of a random York Street Name instead) Even with this you can still see how great the Tower would be standing high over the city. 

The Tower will definitely be on my list next time I visit York.

7. The City Walls 

The city walls in York have been around for quite a while, with the original walls built by the Romans in 71AD. 

Today you will find remains circling the medieval city although mostly from walls rebuilt in the 12th century.  

There is a great lot of history to discover in York.

Extra Tips; 

Parking - Askham Bar Park and Ride £3.80 return per person. Much better than almost £20 in the city centre. Very secure and reliable bus service. 

Anywhere I have missed of and need to go back and see? Let me know in the comments. 

Stay Wild!