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10 Fun Things to do in Cornwall

1. Visit a Cider Farm Back in September when we had a small break between lock down's due to the notorious Rona, I  managed to squeeze in a weeks adventure in Cornwall. It was such a lovely week away, almost like the virus was never here. We managed to pack quite a few adventures in during the trip, from those adventures I have picked 10 of my favourites to share with you. We stayed in Perranporth, overlooking the beautiful beach and sea with waves roaring to be surfed on. If you do go to Cornwall, you need to try out these 10 activities; We visited Healeys Cider farm, here you can experience the whole process of how traditional Cornish cider is made from how it was made in the beginning to now. You have the opportunity to taste a range of ciders and also more recently, jams made on the farm. The cider farm is also home to a range of farm animals, great for the kids. What is also amazing about Healeys is once you pay for entry which is reasonably priced, you can return