10 Fun Things to do in Cornwall

1. Visit a Cider Farm

Back in September when we had a small break between lock down's due to the notorious Rona, I 
managed to squeeze in a weeks adventure in Cornwall. It was such a lovely week away, almost like
the virus was never here.

We managed to pack quite a few adventures in during the trip, from those adventures I have picked
10 of my favourites to share with you. We stayed in Perranporth, overlooking the beautiful beach and sea with waves roaring to be surfed on.

If you do go to Cornwall, you need to try out these 10 activities;

We visited Healeys Cider farm, here you can experience the whole process of how traditional
Cornish cider is made from how it was made in the beginning to now. You have the opportunity to
taste a range of ciders and also more recently, jams made on the farm. The cider farm is also home
to a range of farm animals, great for the kids.

What is also amazing about Healeys is once you pay for entry which is reasonably priced, you can
return at no extra cost for the next 12 months.

You can book your tickets here healeyscyder.co.uk

2. Visit Medieval Tintagel 

Tintagel, a place for kings and many legends alike. The beautiful landscape of this small Village on
the west coast of Cornwall could be mistaken as a mythical world, Tintagel is mainly famous for its castle, said to be the birthplace of King Arthur and in some versions even Camelot castle itself. The remains of the castle, now an English Heritage site are only accessible by the bridge connecting the cliff tops, here you will see history yourself along with fantastic views of the sea and beaches below.

After exploring what was once a grand towering castle, you should make your way down to the
magical beach below. As soon as you land on the beach, you are greeted by a beautiful waterfall that
cascades onto the beach from above, the perfect photo op, in fact this exact photo op got me
featured in Wanderlust magazine. After being mesmerised by the waterfall you will then notice the
caves which surround the cove, Merlin's caves, the perfect exploring opportunity. We found a lobster
hiding in a pool in the cave awaiting high tide to reunite with the sea.

After exploring all of the wonders you can jump in a Land Rover to rally back up the long hill into
Tintagel village.

3. Get cocktails from a VW campervan beach bar

Perranporth, home to what I believe is one of Cornwall's most scenic beaches also adopts the amazing Watering Hole beach bar. Here you can grab a cocktail from the VW campervan named Beetle Juice, freshly made and shaken you can enjoy it with the weather and view.

What better way to spend your evenings than at a beach bar with a cocktail in hand watching the sunset over high tide where surfers are hoping to catch one last wave for the day.

4. Go swimming in a cave pool

Again, as mentioned Perranporth is one of my favourite beaches in Cornwall, it also hosts a bunch of caves and coves with oasis' left by the Atlantic Ocean during low tide. Some of these Oasis' are deep enough to have a swim as I did above. The Cornish sea is known to be extremely cold so if you don't fancy squeezing into a wetsuit, you can have a splash at wild swimming in these pools left behind every morning under the sun to warm up.

5. Eat a Cornish pasty 

The traditional Cornish pasty was created for the miners who worked in the famous Cornish tin mines. A pastry case keeping a substantial meal warm for the huge amounts of energy exerted doing this job. 
Today the traditional steak pasty is still popular in the county to both locals and visitors. You can find a pasty shop in almost every town and village in Cornwall. 

You must try a Cornish pasty, even if you do not want to go for the traditional steak, there are new combinations such as cheese and onion and chicken and leek to choose from. 

6. Watch the sunset on the beach

Sunsets are one of natures most wonderful sights, even more spectacular from the beach. There is something so fulfilling about watching the orange glowing sun set beneath the horizon of the sea, silhouettes of surfers enjoying the waves and swells caused by low tide. 

A sunset from a Cornish beach is a must see. The picture above was from the Watering Hole beach bar on Perranporth Beach, a cocktail accompanied well. 

7. Go Surfing

One activity Cornwall is very famous for... Surfing. Cornwall hosts some of the best surfing waves in the UK, this with a mix of the beautiful blue sea is enough to attract any surfer. 

I give surfing a go every time I visit Cornwall, even though I may not be very good, surfing is still extremely fun! It makes you so content. Grab a couple of friends and head out into the surf, it is a great laugh and you may even catch some great waves. 

If you are a little nervous, maybe try bodyboarding instead for your first time before you take a step up to a full board. (P.s, bodyboards are much easier to carry than surfboards). 

8. Walk along the South West Costal Path

At 630 mile long, the south west costal path is one of the UK's favourite trails, starting at Minehead in North Devon, it covers the entire Cornish coast and ends in Poole, Dorset. 

With only 1 week to explore the amazing County of Cornwall, I only covered a very small section in comparison. From our Chalet on the cliff tops over the sandy path edges of the cliff down onto Perranporth beach. Also from the Chalet only a short scenic walk to Holywell Bay.

I would love to return and complete the entire South West Coast past in the future, I can only imagine the beautiful sights it has to offer. 

9. Eat ice cream at St Ives 

Voted the UK's favourite seaside resort, St Ives is home to many shops, art galleries and some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted and of course in true Cornish style, I had a spoonful of clotted cream atop the scoop.  

Watch out for the sea gulls in St Ives, they are notorious for landing on your heat and stealing your ice cream! This happened to my Mum a few years back. 

10. Go swimming in a natural rock pool at Polperro 

Hidden between the cliffs lies Cornwall's most beautiful fishing village. As you stroll down the hill you will pass beautiful cottages and shops set in their era. As you near the harbour, keep left and you will pass a house completely covered in shells, it is such a lovely sight. At the opposite end of the harbour, follow the footpath through what I can only compare to architecture in such a place as Santorini Greece, this will lead you to the cliff edge, below you will see the beautifully blue rock pool. 

Once at the cliff edge, follow the natural rock formed steps down below the cliff and walk along to the rock pool where you can have a swim in the natural infinity rock pool, overlooking the blue landscape glistening under the hot sun. 

Which of these activities will you try on your next trip to Cornwall? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading

- The Serial Adventurer 


  1. This was such a good week, I can't wait for more adventures!


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